Communities on Orust & Tjörn

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Orust country

Orust " Stala" Church

Winter on Orust

Orust is Sweden’s 4th largest island and shifts in the landscape of forest, meadows, mountains, rocks and fine picturesque fishing with several car-free islands. Orust is reached via bridges connecting Tjörn and Uddevalla.

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Welcome to Orust, Sweden the fourth largest island in Sweden. Orust has 15 000 inhabitants and in summer the figure triples. There are numerous small islands around Orust and some of them have pedestrian picturesque fishing communities.

But you do not need to visit a smaller island to wander in the narrow alleys, or to see fishermen and their boats. Because we have several fishing communities around the island where the sun sets in the west and you can sit down on a rock and eat shrimp with something good to drink. On Orust are also many forests, mountains, meadows and farms.


Pilgrimsleden (Pilgrimtrail) on Orust is eight mil long and connects the eight churches. It runs in a loop and forms an eight. See the map for Fun on the island. Pilgrim trail runs next to the cottages ST1015, ST1010, N1350 & L4050

There is also something called Orust Across (Orust Tvärs), Hiking Trail with 64 signposted cultural and natural monuments included in the Coastal path through Bohuslän. In the Culture trail: Cult harbor (Kultehamn) is several stone cottages tells of great poverty and starvation only 100 years ago. You can also go to Sven’s Altar where one has a fantastic view, 105 meters above sea level.


Göksäter we call “Little Ullared”. has 5500 m2 shopping, here you probably find everything you need. Do you want to buy organic and local products – then Tavlebord market hall on Orust a general store where you can buy homemade bread, homemade cheese cake, jam and much more.


If you want to go kayaking, its very beautiful to kayak around the islands Flatön and Malö. Flatön has kayak rental (5 minute walk from our cottage F1021). There are also kayak rentals Stocken.


Orust Golf Club; A seaside course with links character of the western Orust at Malö currents and ocean views from nearly every hole. The course has a great variety of environment including 4th tee and 8 ans green almost down to the water’s edge.

Allmags Golf Club is an 18 hole forest / park course situated on the east Orust, with a newly built clubhouse and cafe.

Do not miss:

Töllås sheep farm with outdoor café.
Honey farm (Honungsgården) where you can see how the bees live and what incredible job they have, this is also a lovely little cafe.
Mia’s Boathouse is a cafe and restaurant and is located in a tiny boathouse in Hälleviksstrand. Here is an experience to be. You can sit inside and cuddle or out on the lovely bridge.
If you like glass art there is Sesterviks glass studio with café and stunning views of the fjord.

Try also Orust camel farm with camel riding.
At dog care center MMhund all the dogs have fun and if you are lucky there may be an opportunity to have your dog there for a day when you are in route to Liseberg amusement park or other fun.



Ellös Harbor

Ellös Beach

Ellös Beach


Ellös nature beach



If you are looking for a place with beautiful scenery, proximity to the sea and simultaneously want access to amenities such as shops, restaurants, great beaches, boat rides & golf course then Ellös a good choice.

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If you are looking for a place with beautiful scenery, proximity to the sea and simultaneously want access to amenities such as pharmacy, medical center, bank and grocery store mixed with lots of adventure, a wonderful, beautiful golf links course, sea fishing, bakery, restaurants, and entertainment some days week etc. then Ellos absolutely a must.

Direct from Ellos is also Bohuslän archipelago traffic daily that takes you on a tour to LYSEKIL- Grundsund. Peeking more on their website. In the near of Ellos is also Stockens campground which rents out bikes and kayaks so you can experience to paddle between outcrops and rocks.  Here is also – Garden Walks Morlanda manor, open garden in the Mountain King Hall (Bergakungens hall), Tofta courtyard with entertainment & good food and a children’s farm in Dahle, etc.

History: Along the beaches the were formerly arable land. The natives made living from agriculture, fishing and shipping. During the herring periods they built two salting and one trankokeri, Ellos society began to emerge. Many of the old residential buildings are still out there on the cape and the harbor.

When the herring disappeared from the West Coast the people made living from the farm, other fisheries as well on wood and canning industry. In the 1900s, expanded the community of seaside hotel and oyster restaurant, Ellos also got a bus line and steamship lines.

Today, Ellos, the largest industrial town on Orust, with over 1,000 inhabitants and about 200 holiday homes. Here is the Hallberg-Rassy’s Boatyard, Sweden’s biggest shipyard for yachts and one of Orust biggest companies.

Ellos has a very nice beach which is also handicap accessible, and this is a natural beach where you also get to have doggy with.






Hälleviksstrand " Mias boathouse"

Here, one might think that time has stopped but oh what appearances are deceptive. In the picturesque Hälleviksstrand is a wonderful café, two restaurants, a kiosk, water taxi & bathing for example.

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Hälleviksstrand is one of our wonderful, fine & picturesque little fishing communities. It feels like time has stopped but oh what bolted deceiving. It is rumored that Hälleviksstrand have the best “crabfishing” waters and if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of Mia who was in the “whole Sweden is baking 2013”. Though it is quite simple, just step into the “Mia’s Boathouse” one of Orust absolute attractions that you just can not miss. Here Mia and her staff serves wonderful pastries and you can even get a bite to eat and a cold beer.

There are also opportunities to take the water taxi to out to the islands Kärringön/Gullholmen or go to the local restaurant. Here is a kiosk and lovely swimming area for all ages. Hälleviksstrand also has a museum and a chapel.

Hälleviksstrand is a fishing community with about 300 year-round residents. During the 1700s herring period grew buildings and herring salting up. Farmers from Orust came here to sell grain and buy fish. Along with great fishing here also occurred the export of oats, as well as trading- and freighter operations.

At the end of the 1800s started the seaside resort operations, where hot baths, hotels and guest houses were built. In the early 1900s the society flourished. They built residential building with stately glass verandas and beautiful carpentry details. 1905 a great fire broke out which devastated large parts of society. The oldest house in Hälleviksstrand, a small simple house remains above the old disused shop. In the mid-1900s were built a cannery and a stone masonry started.

On the seafront is the oldest type of “Falu-red” and yellow boat houses with small residential building located on the hill above. Characteristic of all fishing communities that house gables is facing the sea. They wanted a good view of sea and sky to see shifts in the weather. Why they settled on the rocks was because they wanted to save the ground were to agriculture.




Its a part of the summer to walk the bridgeturn and look at what is happening in the harbor where its hustle and bustle with people and boats

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Mollösund at the southwest of Orust was a fishing village back in the 1500s.

At early 1900s Mollosund had the most inhabitants (1,000), this making it one of the largest fishing villages. At the main street down by the harbor, the street is called main street because there is only one, you can walk and watch the beautiful skipper and fish dwellings from this time.

Its a part of the summer to walk the bridge turn and look at what is happening in the harbor, for there is the hustle and bustle with people and boats. Mollosund is very popular by boaters, there is a marine gas station and other supplies.

Mollosund has grocery, kiosk, fish shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries, museums, craft shops and much more.



www.Mollösundvä (Weather)


Gullholmen is one of the Swedish West Coast’s oldest fishing villages. A car-free summer island with restaurants, groceries, shops and lovely bath. It never gets boring..

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Gullholmen is one of the West Coast’s oldest fishing villages. The houses stand close together, this is because Gullholmen until 1999 was a chronograph islet. With the crown islet meant that the land was owned by the state and was free to build on. They laid out poles where they wanted to build and if nobody protested, it was just to start and build. Nowadays, many homeowners bought their plot from the state.

On the northern part of the island the houses almost are built in the water. Here is a stone cottage which is one of the oldest houses on the island, it is now a museum. Skepparhuset from the 1800s is worth a visit. The rooms and the furniture remains in its original condition and the house belonging boathouses has become a maritime- and fishing museum.

On Hermanö is only the eastern side built. The rest of the island is one of Bohuslän’s largest nature reserve, with a lush rift and a barren western side. To the north lies Ulkhåleberget. The rock has been divided into segments and is full of passages and caves. It has also a beautiful view to the south towards the island Käringön. To the east Ellös and Tuvesvik is visible. Continuing further south road turns into a path that leads down to Skållehus where there are settlement remains from the 1500s. Furthermore, the path leads to Hermanö head, with swimming area and a lookout point.

Gullholmen & Hermanö has grocery, fish shop, restaurants, bar, ice cream kiosk, museum, galleries, handicraft and stalls etc.



Edshultshall is a paradise for those who like the salty ocean and want to find their own cliff for the day. If you rent cottage via us there is the possibility to rent the fresh sauna which is located alone along the rocks.

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Edshulthall is a paradise for those who love salty sea and cliffs. Here you have only a minute to the pier then you will find your own cliff for a day. At the cliffs you have panoramic views of the boating and you can even glimpse the lighthouse Kråkesundsgap. If you rent a cabin by us in Edshultshall you can also get the possibility to rent the sauna renewed at on the rocks for a cheap price. There are also swimming and bathing places and the opportunity to get out on the ocean or to one of the pedestrian islands by boat taxi.

Edshultshall has never been a large fishing village. Household Examination length of the period 1789-94 takes up seven families. 1803 society had eleven houses and ten outbuildings, four boathouses and four houses for transpiration boiling. Remains of a dregs dust from this era are still there.

A great era for Edshultshall Island was fishing. At most it was 13 boats from Edshultshall which was out on fishery.

Despite the setbacks for coastal communities during World War II Edshultshall survived. As recently as 1950, virtually all professionals in the community was skippers.

From being a small fishing village from the late 1700s Edshultshall became a relatively large ship community until 1985 when the cargo ship era ended and the last and largest freighter Windo sold. Two years later took the three rigged the West Coast location at the pier.

The nearest grocery store, restaurant, bar, museum galleries, etc. are Mollosund located approximately 6 km south.


A whale bone were transported to the island by a summer visitor and is now standing at the dock as a portal.

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If you want to experience a typical fishing community, one should visit Käringön. Here lives about 130 people the year around. 180 of the island’s 200 houses built before 1920. At Käringön there are no street names, each house instead has been given a number, and the number serves as the address.

A whale bone, which were transported to the island by a summer visitor, stands now at the pier as a portal.

Käringön was for long a chronological islet which means that the land was owned by the state. The houses are built very close together. A nice hike is to walk from the pier up to the pilot station. Along the way one finds small outbuildings and garden patches in the same condition as in the 1800s. One of the fishes cottages are furnished to a museum.

Käringön has grocery, smokehouse, fish shop, restaurants, cafes, bar, galleries, museums, craft shops etc.




These three idyllic islands located at Orust northwest coast. Its beautiful to paddle a kayak here. Flatön and Ängön are green islands with a lot of forests, cliffs, small cottages and farms. There is also a small church on Flatön.

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These three idyllic islands is located at Orust northwest coast. These can be reached easily by a car ferry from Fröjendal to Malön. Between Malön and Flatön are bridge-connected. Because uplift the previously independent Ängön now grown together with Flatön, what used to be a sound is now a marsh.

Flatön and Ängön are green islands with a lot of forests, cliffs, small cottages and farms. There is also a small church on Flatön. At Handelsman Flink you can shop in the seafood shop, eat in the restaurant, stop by the cafe’ and in the store you can shop for a cone of sweets or nice souvenirs.

Malön is barren and was formerly no seaside resort, but rather a beautiful natural area in a quiet and undisturbed environment. Its also a campground on Malön that has a kiosk.




The old part of Nösunds heyday is well preserved. Nösund is a wonderful small community that has a little of everything but above all it is a seaside idyll.

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Nösund is a wonderful small community that has a little bit of everything but above all it is a seaside idyll. Here are many cliffs, salt baths, two beaches & a diving tower. A small harbor and a wonderful nature. Pilgrim trail passes Nösund, so here is fine hiking opportunities.

Nösund also has an inn with a restaurant, a fine spa and events with famous musicians. The inn can also boast with an incredibly beautiful sea view.

Nösunds farm is a hotel/hostel and have tapas- and seafood nights and some local entertainments during the summer.

History: At Nösunds chapel nesting sites have been found that show that people have lived there already 9000 years ago.

In the 1800’s came two merchants to Nösund, these two founded businesses, formed salting companies and shipping lines which laid the foundation for Nösunds heydays. The Magazine at the pier is reminiscent of Nösunds heyday, then the site was the embarkation of variety for grain. In Nösund you can also go through Sweden’s first road tunnel which was completed in 1958.

In the 1880s Nösund was discovered by tourists who preferred to combine the salt bath and bare cliffs with lush greenery and pastoral idylls. Nösunds Havsbadshotell Anstalt and Nösunds bathhouse had built both warm and cold baths. In addition to hot and cold baths were also offered electricity-massage and ordinary massages. Tourists came increasingly to Nösund while trading and shipping activities faded away. The first summer villa was built in 1905 and was soon followed by others.

The old part of Nösunds heyday is well preserved.


Stocken is a very small coastal community but like the other fishing villages it is characterized by a very dense and seemingly unregulated settlements.

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Stocken is a very small coastal community but like the other fishing villages it is characterized by a very dense and seemingly unregulated settlements. The residential buildings are of varying age but the exterior is the most cohesive and often well preserved.

The oldest written information about Stocken is derived from a tax-register of population dated 1617. During the 1700s rewarding herring period, the population increased.

In the early 1900sthe shipping speed became important for some of Stockens inhabitants with their own ships. Often combined shipping and fishing. In the 1920s it teaches to have been 7 shipping- and fishing boats at Stocken. The community consisted of ca. 70 houses that stood on leasehold. In 1955 it became possible to redeem the plots in society. 1910 was Stocken a municipal society.

In the 1930s came the first summer visitors to Stocken. Over the years they have become more and more. Many of the residential buildings in the old center of the fishing situation now is summer attractions. The settlement, however, has expanded with permanent dwellings on the outskirts of the society.